As the name suggests, GTCT is a business idea put together to support and assist small and medium-scale business units in the country. GTCT expands its forte of functions into five areas, which are:

GTC Smartshop

GTC smart application

GTC in-shop / GTC B2B

GTC careers

GTC Institute

GTC Smart-shop

GTC smart shop will ultimately act as a functioning centre for those new entrepreneurs within a particular radius of distance from the GTC smart shop who wish to conduct business, making use of the facilitation we provide. We assess your needs and requirements and make it possible for you to buy and trade according to your convenience.

GTC smart application (online)

The generation of today does not possess the patience to go through parking hassles and counter ques to purchase their choices of products. GTC assists the entrepreneur in creating his own smart application, which brings his services and products available to the customer’s fingertips,

. GTC in- shop / GTC B2B

In a digital era like ours, with digital platforms on a boom, it is quite difficult for a layman to make it big in the digital world. We at GTC, with the concept of GTC in-shop / GTC B2B, make it easy for any aspiring entrepreneur to settle his business comfortably in digital mode. GTC in-shop also enables the customers searching products online to land on the web of our client’s enterprise.

GTC careers

Unemployment is on the rise like never before. Although youth possess various educational qualifications, a dignified job is still a distant dream for many. GTC facilitates a platform for all those jobseekers to seek appropriate jobs of their choice and help them in updating themselves according to the latest trends in the job market.

GTC institute

Even though students in plenty graduate with job-promising certificates, there is a need where they require themselves to go through on-the-job training of what they have already studied. GTC seeks to fill this gap by providing job-oriented, skills-centred training and courses, which makes the customer all fit for the job induction. Our courses include soft skill development, English language enhancement training, IT, entrepreneurship and personality development courses.

About Us

GTCT consists of a team which includes functionaries and entrepreneurs who have been operating businesses in India and abroad for the last twenty-five years. We bring with us our confidence rooted in the vast experience and exposure we possess, by which we follow a standard operating procedure and plans created in accordance with expert instructions and assistance from various credible and qualified sources. With all courtesy for the support and applauses provided by our consumers, vendors, technicians and all our well-wishers, we believe that this new endeavour of ours will also be supported with equal or more enthusiasm like ever before.